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Why Choose Tahseen’s Emergency Response?

Why Choose Tahseen’s Emergency Response?

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Ambulance Air Charter

Our charter service solutions include modern facilities, licensed medical professionals, and insurance assistance.

Tahseen can provide state-of-the-art medical care to patients while safely escorting them to their medical destination, thanks to our partnerships with European medical specialists and the use of modern air ambulance medical equipment for ICU air ambulance transfers.

We can also source aircraft with augmented features, such as highly specialized and advanced equipment for patients with particular conditions and medical requirements. 

Emergency Medical Flights

Emergency Medical Flights

Emergency Medical Flights

Flying on a private aircraft lowers cabin pressure for patients in critical medical conditions than commercial flights. As a result, more oxygen on board, more comfortable breathing conditions, and a lower risk of fatigue for patients and passengers are all possible.

Tahseen assists individuals, businesses, insurance companies, private clinics, and hospitals with pre- and post-op air transportation solutions like the ones listed below.

  • Bedside-to-Bedside Transport.
  • End-of-Life Transport.
  • Air Medical Transport.
  • Transport to Healthcare Destinations.
  • Neonatal and Pediatric Transport.
  • Flights to major Cancer Treatment Centers.

Modern Technology and Medical Equipment

By providing us with detailed information on the patient’s condition and medical history, we get to provide immediate assistance. This includes their doctors and receiving the hospital’s contact information. Also, we can provide the appropriate air ambulance medical equipment and services by the following medical checklist:


  • Commercial Stretcher Service on El-AL
  • ICU Standard Patient Monitoring
  • ECG Monitoring via 12-lead ECG
  • Computer-assisted real-time ECG analysis to realize possible early changes
  • Invasive Pressure Monitoring (e.g., blood and intracranial pressure)
Modern Technology and Medical Equipment

Tahseen's Process for Air Ambulance Services

Scheduling has never been easier!

Please email us a charter request for air ambulance service, select your aircraft and route, and confirm your travel details, and your charter is authorized.


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Booking Tahseen's emergency Charter

Our booking process is simple, allowing for quick and easy booking of our air ambulance equipped with medical equipment. First, request a quick charter, along with all relevant medical documents and your flight information, so we can assign you to the appropriate aircraft. Finally, confirm the medical charter details, and you’ll be on your way soon.

Tahseen is on track to become a global provider of emergency air service solutions in the UAE and worldwide. Our air ambulance medical equipment is highly reliable. It’s the preferred travel option for patients who cannot endure the inconvenience of regular flights. This goal motivates us to provide only the best service possible

Contact us today to learn more about our emergency air services.

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