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Customized solutions for your cargo charter requirements

Tahseen Aviation understands the need to transport your cargo quickly while being careful and precise. We know that every minute counts, and you require a dependable and adaptable charter partner. This is why we strive to provide cargo charter services that are tailored to your specific needs, demands, and specifications, allowing you to save time, effort, and money.

Tahseen Aviation is committed to designing the ideal charter for your cargo. With over ten years of experience in providing airfreight services, we are capable of providing quick and smooth service, ensuring that your cargo arrives safely, on time, and on budget. We handle everything from various goods, humanitarian aid, materials, and equipment. We also take

time-sensitive orders and deal with multiple freight challenges and logistics issues to ensure you get a quick and cost-effective service.

Dubai’s Trusted Air Cargo Charter Company

Tahseen Aviation aspires to be a leading air cargo charter company in Dubai and the surrounding areas. Despite the global challenges caused by the recent pandemic, the company is poised to become the region’s leading aviation solutions provider. The company strives to diversify its solutions and continuously improve its operations to better serve the market and establish an unparalleled reputation in the industry.

We have participated in various operations, ranging from COVID-19 relief operations to repatriations. We have also collaborated with numerous governments and organizations on humanitarian relief and rescue missions, including the World Health Organization (WHO).

We are proud to have a large global network of partners and affiliates who help us reach out to more people and businesses needing dependable cargo charter services. Our global connection enables us to be more flexible in meeting our clients’ ever-changing needs and demands.

We have a team of dedicated account managers who look after each project and work closely with our clients to ensure a successful charter. You can rest assured that your cargo will be delivered safely, on time, and without a single scratch if you have someone to contact in case of any requests or concerns.

In accordance with international health standards, all of our charters are COVID-controlled. Even in cargo charter operations, safety always comes first.

Why Choose Tahseen’s Air Cargo Charter Services?

Facilitated high-risk and
warzone areas

All-in-one Aviation

The Global Network

Dedicated Account

Covid Controlled Charters


Cargo Charter Services

Projects and operations of different scopes and sizes are accepted. We manage a wide range of heavy and large goods and hazardous materials. We accept supply chain and pharmaceutical business charters in addition to our onboard courier cargo service.

Remote Locations

Dangerous Goods

On-Board Courier

Heavy & Large Goods

Time Critical Missions

Humanitarian & Relief

Supply Chain Logistics

Pharmaceutical Logistics

Our comprehensive services are designed to meet our clients and their industry’s unique and changing needs and demands. The pandemic has caused significant changes in our operations regarding restrictions, but Tahseen Aviation will continue to provide the same level of quality service as before. Providing consistent and dependable service is critical to developing long-term relationships with loyal customers.

Successful Air Cargo Charter Operations & Pharmaceutical Logistics

COVID 19 Relief Operations

Who Relief Operations

Repatriation Operations

The Ideal Aircraft for Your Travel

Tahseen Aviation receives a wide range of requests for our air charter services, from people looking to fly home to see their families to medical evacuation and group repatriation flights. Most of those clients wanted to fly in private jets within a few days and needed our help navigating the various travel restrictions and requirements for air travel. Tahseen Aviation can meet all of these different requests with a diverse fleet of private jets.

Tahseen’s Process to Charter your Air Cargo

Tahseen’s scheduling procedure is as simple as a pie. Simply email us a charter request, select your aircraft and route, then confirm your travel details, and your charter is confirmed.


Tahseen is always available for air charter inquiries.

Aircraft Selection

Choose the ideal aircraft and route.

Book Your Charter

Confirm specifics, and we're ready to go.

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We will assist you in locating the cargo charter solution that you require. Please tell us more about your air cargo charter needs; we will present you with the best options. We are willing to tailor our cargo charter services to your specific freight and logistics needs and requirements.

Please explore the rest of this website to learn more about our charter services.

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