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The benefits of chartering a private jet are CONVENIENCE, FLEXIBILITY, and SAFETY. With Tahseen VIP private jet charter, our clients have complete control over everything from aircraft selection to itinerary, in-flight services, and even post-flight services. Tahseen’s Team ensures your journey is as smooth and efficient as possible. Explore the slideshow below to be enticed and indulged as you see the difference between simply traveling and living in an airplane

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Tahseen Aviation provides a wide range of private jets that can meet the following requirements: exclusivity, security, and convenience. We have many immediately accessible private jets and access to an even larger number of carefully selected private planes operated by our partners if your preferred aircraft is unavailable for your selected trip. We will always select the best private jet for your next trip at the best private jet fee.

Tahseen’s Process to Charter your Private Jet

Tahseen’s scheduling procedure is as simple as a pie. Simply email us a charter request, select your aircraft and route, then confirm your travel details, and your charter is confirmed.


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When you use Tahseen Private Jets, you not only save time and gain flexibility but also greatly reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission since your touchpoints will be reduced from an average of 1,000 to an average of 9 touchpoints when compared to a (first class) commercial flight.

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