What is a Charter Flight?

Charter flights are handy for business people needing executive flights or sports teams flying to different play zones. This instant service greatly benefits many companies, celebrities, teams, and even individual travelers.

So, why do you need a chartered flight? Learn more about it in this post.

Chartered Flights: Custom Made for You

Chartered flights are done outside an airline’s scheduled flight and give you full control and customizability on flight times, destinations, and passengers. Instead of working with airline schedules, you won’t purchase a seat – you’re renting an entire aircraft. You can head to any country if you have the right Visa along with your flight. You can venture to different states or areas in your country without the hassle of traffic, waiting in long lines, or being seated with someone you dislike.

Type of Charter Flights

You can use the following charter flights for your next flight outside the airline schedules.


Private Jets

Private jets let you rent the entire aircraft. You have multiple seats and use airways to fly to your next des-tination without delay.


Public Charter

If you’re running a tour company, you probably want a private charter flight for your vacationing group. These are popular for seeing mountaintops, citywide views, and beautiful lakesides in the tour locale.



For anyone who needs goods, cargo, and luggage safely flown from points A to B, cargo chartered flights are a great and cost-effective option.

Rear View Of Businessman Walking Towards private airplane

Affinity Flights

Instead of renting the entire jet, you can divide the cost by seat. Affinity flights are handy if you’re traveling with a group or want to get on a chartered flight with other groups looking to book a charter aircraft.

Chartered Flight Specifics

Suitable Aircraft

Chartered flights let you select from the aircraft we’ve listed above. Your choice will affect your chartered flight costs. Larger aircraft can cost much more because of the gas and hangar fees involved. On the other hand, smaller jets have smaller gas and hangar requirements.

Travel Period

Chartered flights let you choose where and when you travel. You won’t conform to airline schedules and set destinations. Your flight lets you travel anywhere you want, including landing in countries where you have the right Visa to enter.


You won’t need to go to the airport proper for a chartered flight departure. Instead, you depart from a fixed-based operator, a hangar often next to the main airport of a city. You’ll need to submit to security checks, like airports, but much quicker because you and only a handful of passengers are boarding.
You won’t have to pull your luggage along the way. Staff will pick up your luggage from the car and store it in the chartered plane’s storage.

Why Use a Chartered Flight?

Long lines and lengthy security checks make airport flights terrible. You spend more when you miss your hotel check-in due to a flight issue. Chartered flights arrive and leave on time, so you’ll always arrive at your destination immediately.
Here are some benefits of using a chartered flight.


Cramped spaces limit your seating, make you uncomfortable, and leave you no privacy. Traveling with your friends or even a small group gives you a space to call your own. A small crowd makes it possible to read, sleep, or do work while you’re flying a private jet charter service.

No More Crowds

You won’t need to wait with crowds for your next international flight. Chartered flights have few passengers or will only include you if you rented the entire jet for yourself. Plus, you won’t need to wait for other passengers – your flight leaves if everyone’s already there.
Enjoy the many benefits of flying on a chartered aircraft with Tahseen Aviation Services. Talk to us for your chartered flight schedule.