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Charter a Customized Luxe Travel Experience on Your Lead

Tahseen Aviation is a trusted name when it comes to specialized air charters. With over 40 years of aviation experience, we are a premier provider of high-quality charter services for modern travelers. Our team is made up of qualified professionals who are committed to providing high-quality support and service. From booking to take-off, landing to post-flight, our team is dedicated to providing the quality charter service you deserve.

Tahseen covers all your needs, whether you want a bespoke flight to your dream destination or a VIP flight for a special event or occasion. Simply tell us what you require, and we will design the best flight solution for you.

Why Choose Tahseen’s Special Charter Flight?

Tahseen is committed to assisting our clients in achieving their flight goals, whether for business, leisure, or emergency response. As a result, we make certain to offer a diverse range of services and solutions while taking a specialized approach to meeting our client’s specific needs and requirements. Each client is unique, and their goals are distinct. This is why we arrange the best air charter for them in a targeted fashion.

Our specialized flights include the best options, from aircraft type to flight service scope. We can provide a satisfying flight and a satisfying overall charter experience considering our comprehensive service and solutions.

Our specialized flight solutions are backed by many years of extensive experience in charter services, aviation consulting, and flight support. As aviation experts, you can count on our credibility and authority. This ensures that you are booking, working with, and flying with the best people for the duration of your special travel.

We also take pride in having a global network of affiliates and partners, which allows us to stay abreast with the market and be guided by best industry practices when providing top-tier services. Flying in style and comfort is more than a trend; it is a requirement for every modern-day traveler like you.

Our aviation management framework is pandemic-proof, with strict adherence to global health standards and sensitivity to the changing needs of the businesses and industries we serve.

What Are The Available Aircraft For Specialized Flights?

Special journeys necessitate the use of specialized planes. Tahseen Aviation offers a broad range of specialized aircraft in various sizes and configurations.

You can select from our trustworthy Turboprop for short-distance trips to our luxurious Executive Liner for a stylish and comfortable journey. We have everything you need: a light mid-size jet that can access less busy and smaller airports or a long-range plane that can travel up to 6,500 miles! Simply let us know what you require.

Check out our fleet of aircraft to learn more about your options.

Why Fly with Tahseen’s Specialized Air Charters?

Over 40 Years of Aviation
Industry Experience

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Dedicated Flight Support

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Specialized Air Charter Services

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Experience an airborne tour and
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Be relaxed and rested in flights that
you may arrive ready in your
Elevate your next special and
one-of-the-books occasion.
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Access world-class and groundbreaking health centers and
their facilities in Germany, and be able to consult with well-
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Charter Process

Tahseen’s booking process is easy as 1-2-3. Simply send us a charter request, choose your aircraft and route, then confirm the specifics of your travel and your charter is booked.


Tahseen is always open for air charter requests.

Aircraft Selection

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Special Flight Deals

Tahseen offers special flight deals to provide cost-effective solutions to our loyal clients. We deeply understand that global economies are still recovering from the aftermath of the pandemic. This is why we make sure to provide them with flexible charter solutions that suit their budget and other requirements.

Book our Specialized Flights in three easy steps. Simply send us a request, choose your aircraft and route, confirm the details and your air charter is booked.

Contact us for inquiries and assistance.

The Right Aircraft for Your Trip

Tahseen Aviation receives a wide range of requests regarding our air charter services from people looking to fly home to reunite with their families up to flights that lead medical evacuation and group repatriation. Most of those clients requested to fly through private jets within a few days and needed our expertise in navigating despite varying travel restrictions and requirements for air travel. Tahseen Aviation is able to offer a wide range of private jets to meet all these different requests.