Oil and Gas Charter

Oil and gas operation is very intricate, that meticulous processes should be executed perfectly. Otherwise, hazardous danger can be expected anytime soon. In order for an oil and gas company to successfully operate, there are requirements that need to be covered: crew movements, executive transfers, cargo charters, onboard couriers, and air ambulance. Tahseen Aviation Services has more than 40 years of experience in bridging those gaps for oil and gas companies. For oil and gas charters, don’t hesitate to contact us for we are open 24/7.

Tahseen Air Cargo Solutions for Oil & Gas Companies

Crew Movements

We can help transport crews and engineers seamlessly to remote locations with limited local infrastructure.

Executive Transfers

We don’t only assure private jets going to the remote location, but also necessary land transportation onsite.

Cargo Charters

We have a wide network of aircraft that can carry all sorts of goods for the oil and gas field of the company.

Onboard Couriers

There will be times that an abrupt exchange of documents will happen in the middle of a very challenging location, and Tahseen is just as ready for this time-critical mission

Air Ambulance

A good oil and gas company operation also prepares for any emergency situation that may occur, and you can also count on Tahseen’s rich experience for MEDEVAC missions.

What makes Tahseen as a trusted and preferred air charter company in the middle east region by oil and gas companies is the following service inclusions that we do with full dedication and passion:

  • Trip Planning, coordination, and cost estimation
  • Clearance, permit, and handling services
  • On-the-ground support, including facilities, security, and personnel
  • Global coverage including remote locations
  • Flight monitoring and tracking
  • Customer Service Team on standby

Why Tahseen Air Cargo Charter Services for Oil and Gas Companies?

Handled High-Risk & Warzone Area

Global Network

Real-Time Tracking Technology

One-Stop Aviation Solutions for All

Preffered by World-Leading Companies