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The Beechcraft King Air 360ER is one of Tahseen Aviation’s most versatile charter aircraft. The King Air 360ER is an excellent turboprop, carefully designed to carry everything from passengers to cargo, emergency air ambulances, and special missions. It is a popular choice for various applications due to its flexible and reconfigurable interiors.

King Air 360 ER Technical Specs

The cabin of the King Air 360ER has eight seats, two in the cockpit and one belted comfort seat. 360-degree models designed for special missions can seat up to 15 people.

In terms of performance, the King Air 360ER is unrivaled. With a maximum range of 2.692 nautical miles, the aircraft can transport passengers quickly and precisely (4,986 km). It can fly at a maximum altitude of 35,000 feet and a maximum climb rate of 2,400 feet per minute.

With a maximum cruise speed of 561 km/h (303 ktas), the King Air 360ER provides passengers with a quick and safe flight, allowing them to arrive on time and in style.

The maximum payload of the King Air 360ER is 3,545 pounds (1,608 kg). It is large enough to transport cargo and personnel until they arrive at their destination.

King Air 360ER, the ideal turboprop

The King Air 360ER is a popular turboprop developed by the renowned Beechcraft family, with over 80 years of experience in aviation manufacturing. It is an extended-range variant of the King Air B300 family, widely used in law enforcement and border protection as a long-range particular mission surveillance aircraft.

The 360ER retains the elongated, oval-shaped fuselage of the King Air. Unlike previous King Air models, it has passive cabin noise reduction. It has 85 tuned absorbers that allow for adequate noise reduction.

The 360ER has a 49% greater range than its brother aircraft, the King Air 350i, which has a range of 1,806 nm. Its gross weight increased by 1,500 pounds due to more significant and vital landing gear. This increases fuel capacity by 236 gallons to a total of 775 gallons.

Its cabin has a lower altitude pressure by 10% and is reconfigurable, allowing for various uses. King Air 360ER is an innovative and practical choice for passenger and cargo transport, air ambulance, and emergency charters.

The cockpit features cutting-edge avionics, digital pressurization, and an auto throttle. The Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion Avionics Suite, which includes three 14-inch touchscreen displays, synthetic vision, graphical flight planning, and integrated charts and maps, is a notable avionic feature. It also has a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS II), a dual flight management system (FMS), and an automatic flight guidance system (AFGS).

Passengers enjoy the comfort they deserve, thanks to the digital pressurization feature, which allows for automatic scheduling of cabin pressure during ascent and descent.

This results in significantly improved passenger comfort and reduced pilot workload.

The interiors of Beechcraft King Airs are designed for both productivity and comfort. It has handcrafted seats that are comfortably positioned next to a window. Single seats also convert to beds for the passengers’ added flexibility and comfort.

The turboprop also reduces pilot workload with standard features like the IS&S Thrust Sense Autothrottle. This feature allows for precise control of power output and OvertorqueOvertemp protection for smoother takeoff.

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