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If you happen to have a loved one who is sick or injured and requires to travel a long distance to reach a medical facility outside your country, the most convenient and safest way to transport them is by air travel. While that is undeniably the most ideal mode of transport, you’ll have to know that commercial flights usually deny transport of medical patients.

It’s not because they don’t want a patient on board, but more on they don’t have the right knowledge and skills in handling these types of passengers. For sick and/injured passengers, they usually require extra care and attention. That’s why at times like this, it’s better to book a charter service which specializes in medical transport and repatriation. Many of these providers are also partnering with world-class healthcare facilities to ensure that the patient would get the best care they need to recuperate.

What Are Health Charters?

Whether it is an injury inflicted by external forces or a disease that requires specialized medical attention, it is necessary you find the best medical professional to treat and get you better. This is where the importance of a health charter comes into play. Air and medical charter flights are designed specifically so that passengers who require special care and medical attention can travel comfortably to their target healthcare facility.

Aside from the overall design and structure of the flights, patients (passengers) would also be assisted by highly skilled staff to ensure they will travel safely, quickly, and with no worries.

In some cases, medical and health charters are referred to as air ambulances. The reason behind this is primarily because they operate the same way as with the ambulances on the ground. The only difference is they are transported via air instead of land.


Health Charters vs. Commercial Flights

Although some airlines do accept patient transport, they will not be as comfortable when they’re on a health charter service. Since commercial flights are designed to accommodate healthy passengers, they might struggle to tailor the layout of their plane to a patient.

Health charter services have been built and structured to provide medical patients with the utmost comfort and convenience. Additionally, air ambulance minimizes the amount of patient transfer from one destination to another. Medical charter providers often offer bed-to-bed service to make the patient’s transfer from the hospital to plane and plane to healthcare facility easier and less painful for them.

Another advantage of health charters is the vessels are fully equipped with medical apparatus and equipment. This will give the patients the peace of mind that they’ll be provided with the right treatment and care in case they felt anything while in flight. As an added peace of mind, there’s a highly trained team of medical crews on board so they could check up on the patient every now and then.

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How to Find a Good Health Charter Service?

There’s indeed a lot of health charter providers out there, but not all of them are as skilled and trained as the others. When selecting an air ambulance, always check the reviews and consider looking at their years of experience.

It’s important you take a good long look at those aspects as this will help you determine whether or not they can handle the transport or not. Tahseen Aviation Service is among the best health charter providers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. They’ve been providing health charter response services going to Germany for more than more than a decade now.

If you’re considering a medical air transport service for you or your sick loved one, be sure to keep these things in mind. Consider everything before making a decision to ensure the safety and well-being of the patient.