Hawker 800

Hawker 800

Our Hawker 800

The Hawker 800 is a mid-size twinjet corporate aircraft built by Hawker Beechcraft Inc. from the British Aerospace BAe 125.

Hawker 800 Technical Specs

The Hawker 800 cabin has ample seating for eight passengers, offers stand-up headroom throughout the cabin’s length, and can take off from runways much shorter than those typically required for private jet flights.

The Hawker 800 offers an unrivaled flying experience, capable of cruising at 482 mph at 41,000 feet. Another noteworthy feature is the boat’s ability to travel up to 2,540 nautical miles on a single fuel tank.

Subject to headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, and higher capacity, the Hawker 800 has a maximum range of 2,540 nm. It has a top speed of 828 km/h.

The Hawker 800 has a maximum payload of 1700 lbs with full fuel and a valuable load of 11700 lbs.

The Ideal Hawker 800

Ideal for mid-range destinations, this aircraft offers a luxurious flight experience in a spacious cabin with up to eight passengers.

With a maximum cruise speed of 448 knots at 37,000 feet and a range of 2,572 nautical miles, you will arrive at your destination quickly and comfortably.

At a service ceiling of 41,000 feet, the aircraft will reach a long-range speed of 389 knots.

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