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Now is the time to book a charter flight with Tahseen’s Fokker 50! Flight charters will be more convenient and faster than ever before with Tahseen Aviation’s Fokker 50 in its fleet. The Fokker 50 aircraft, with a nearly 1,243 statute miles range, is designed specifically for long-distance travel, providing passengers with ample comfort and safety. The global business jet can carry 62 passengers in its spacious cabin, as well as a full-service galley and plenty of luggage. Furthermore, with Tahseen’s over 40 years of experience in flight charters, particularly in high-risk and warzone areas, we are confident in providing bespoke aviation solutions regardless of how complicated or sensitive an operation may be.

Fokker 50 Technical Specs

The F-50 has a spacious, comfortable cabin with plenty of passenger legroom. It has 44 small rectangular windows that allow passengers to see outside clearly. The cabin’s two seating areas can accommodate up to 58 passengers.

The Fokker 50 has a range of 1,080 nautical miles. It is powered by two PW125B turboprop engines that produce 1,864kW of output power. These engines are built and manufactured in the United States by Pratt & Whitney Canada and are powered by six-bladed aluminum Dowty Rotol propellers. The propeller can rotate at a constant speed of 1,200 rpm.

The F-50 has a top speed of 532 km/h and a stall speed of 453 km/h. The service range and ceiling are 2,678km and 7,620m, respectively.

The Fokker 50 can also serve as an impressive Class E freighter. It has a maximum payload of over 7,000 kg and a gross cabin.

The Astounding Fokker 50

The Fokker 50 is not only popular among pilots; it is also a favorite among mechanics. All thanks to its superior construction and features.

Unsurprisingly, passengers appreciate the F-50’s comfort and spaciousness. The aircraft can carry up to 50 passengers in its cabin, which also includes a full-service galley and ample baggage storage.

The cross-section of the cabin has a wide aisle and seat width comparable to popular Boeing 737s.

The interiors are outfitted with optional LED lighting to improve the ambience while also reducing weight and maintenance costs.

The low cabin noise level is due to design features such as slow-turning, 6-bladed propellers and vibration absorbers. There is no need for active noise reduction.

Passengers also benefit from the aircraft’s excellent air conditioning.

The Fokker 50 also has well-built, integrated airstairs that allow the plane to be independent of ground equipment while facilitating passenger boarding.

Another distinguishing feature is its high operational adaptability. The 4-door concept enables time-saving turnarounds, increasing utilization and aiding in the prevention of ground handling interference. Cargo holds are located fore and aft of the cabin, preventing weight and balance issues that can occur with a single hold.

The Fokker 50, with a range of nearly 1,243 statute miles, is designed for long-distance travel that requires high levels of comfort and safety.

The aircraft has a strong track record of performance on unpaved runways. Because of its low runway bearing strength requirements, the F-50 can operate on a broader range of airfields.

The Fokker 50 can fly to a variety of destinations and handle long-distance charter flights. Its low fuel burn and high maximum landing weight (MLW) enable a 500-nm out-and-back range to remote locations with a full passenger payload.

The maximum payload is 7,000 kg, and the gross cabin volume can be up to 56 m3 (2,000 ft3). With a typical 5,000 kg payload, the range is 1,400 nm.

The Fokker 50, as a turboprop, uses up to 30% less fuel than a regional jet with the same passenger capacity. As a result, CO2 emissions are reduced by 30%.

Tahseen Aviation’s fleet of Fokker 50 makes chartering flights quick, convenient, and comfortable.

To book a flight with our Fokker 50, please contact Tahseen right away.

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