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Flights from UAE to Qatar

Qatar has something to offer for all sorts of travelers. If you are seeking for adventure, looking to explore a new culture, or wishing to be part of world-class events, you will never run out of places to visit and things to do in Qatar.

Qatar is a wonderful nation sitting majestically at the west coast of the Persian Gulf. Located at a small desert extending from the Arabian peninsula, Qatar has a beauty like no other. Their tradition, drawing from centuries-old practices, is worth exploring. While its people are heavily religious and traditional, they are known for their deep respect to other people’s beliefs and cultures. Everyone is welcome to discover and fall in love with Qatar.

Its beautiful capital, Doha, is known for its perfect mixture of pre-modern and contemporary architecture. It is a remarkable and heritage-rich city considered as one of the fastest developing cities in the entire Gulf region. Doha is home to the popular Educational City, as well as many museums and cultural attractions.

From its humble beginnings as a pearl-diving and fishing village in a beautiful crescent-shaped bay, Doha is now a bustling city with towering skyscrapers and modern buildings. Flights from Dubai to Doha, Qatar give people a chance to bask in the beauty of this interesting city.

Tourist Attractions

Qatar has something great to offer to all sorts of visitors. From individual backpackers, to honeymooners and groups of family and friends, Qatar is ready to be explored and discovered.

One great way to learn about Qatar’s colorful tradition and history is by visiting its wonderful selection of museums. Notable ones include the Msheireb Enrichment Centre and the Mathaf Museum of Modern Art. Other popular landmarks and attractions include the Sheraton Hotel, Al Koot Fort, the Clock Tower, and the Doha Heritage Village.

For the beach lovers, Qatar can also offer the perfect beach holiday. You can choose from various pristine beaches that offer different relaxing activities and wellness options. Great spots to visit include the Purple Island, Khor Al Adaia or the Inland Sea, and the Banana Island Resort Doha.

Qatar also offers treats to adrenaline junkies and sports buffs. Water activities like scuba diving, kite surfing, parasailing, wakeboarding, and diving are popular among locals and tourists. Make sure to try these activities when you visit.

With numerous world-class attractions partnered with excellent accommodation, dining, and shopping options, tourists will surely have more than one reason to stay a little longer or perhaps book for another trip on the next holiday.

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FIFA World Cup 2022

If you are a football fan, now is the perfect time to plan your visit to Qatar. The country will host this year’s FIFA in November so it’s best to secure yourself tickets for your FIFA World Cup 2022 flights early on.

This year’s FIFA will be held in Doha and will feature 32 teams competing in eight groups, with France as the defending champions. Brazil, another football powerhouse, is expected to compete for the trophy this year. Be part of this big sporting tournament and see who will emerge as this year’s champions.

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