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Tahseen is a reputable provider of emergency air charter services such as evacuation and repatriation. We handle time-sensitive charters in the aftermath of natural disasters, political unrest, corporate emergencies, and potentially life-threatening or hostile situations. Such circumstances are more challenging to manage, particularly regarding the facility, travel, logistics documentation, and security. However, because of our extensive global network and many years of experience in providing chart services, we can find ways and develop solutions for a successful evacuation/repatriation.
We use real-time tracking technology and have extensive experience working in high-risk and warzone environments. Aside from our highly trained medical team, we can mobilize specialist personnel teams for relief operations and search and rescue missions. We ensure that each flight is operated by the appropriate personnel, ranging from highly skilled medical flight crew to trained and certified emergency and rescue personnel.
Tahseen is an expert in providing time-critical evacuation air charters, from evacuating corporate staff in the event of a significant incident to repatriating tourists from potential conflict zones. We have handled and facilitated evacuations and repatriations caused by various circumstances, including political or civil unrest, natural disasters, and travel disruptions. Such situations necessitate a prompt and professional response and a well-coordinated and well-documented execution.
With our charter flights on standby, we can provide a safe and quick way to save groups in distress or threatened by harm. Tahseen offers a variety of options to match the urgency and other demands of the specific situation, whether it is your family, a group of coworkers, or individuals who require emergency assistance to return home.
Tahseen provides dedicated flight managers and ongoing support to ensure a smooth and safe operation (on the ground and via a 24-hour flight operations team). Our company has experience evacuating people as quickly as possible to the nearest medical facilities, a safer neighboring state or country, or back home.
We can also respond quickly to emergencies, including time-critical flights, even when not in the office. Our team keeps a private jet charter on standby to be dispatched as soon as a client requests it. Furthermore, our unparalleled global coverage enables us to respond to a crisis in any part of the world.

Tahseen can help with the following to ensure a successful evacuation and repatriation operation:

Tahseen envisions itself as a rising provider of sensitive air charter services. This enables our team to constantly innovate to provide quick, dependable, and cost-effective air transportation despite the sensitivity of the task and the distances that must be covered.

Tahseen Air Cargo Charter Solutions for Evacuation and Repatriation Operations

Given the complex requirements for Evacuation and Repatriation operations, they must be carried out in a timely, well-coordinated, and well-documented. Tahseen can facilitate and prepare the following to ensure a successful evacuation and repatriation operation:
Trip planning, coordination, and cost estimation

Trip planning, coordination, and cost estimation

Clearances, permits, and handling services

Clearances, permits, and handling services

On-the-ground support, including facilities, security, and personnel

On-the-ground support, including facilities, security, and personnel

Global coverage, including remote locations

Global coverage, including remote locations

Flight monitoring and tracking

Flight monitoring and tracking

Customer Service Team on standby

Customer Service Team on standby

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Tahseen’s scheduling procedure is as simple as a pie. Simply email us a charter request, select your aircraft and route, then confirm your travel details, and your charter is confirmed.


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How much does an evacuation flight cost?

Our team will select the best available aircraft based on your requirements. The cost of an evacuation flight will vary depending on factors such as the situation (rescue or repatriation flights), group size, level of assistance required, and the specific destination. We calculate the cost based on the number of hours spent in the air and other important factors.

Simply send us a request with complete details, and we will assist you in booking your aircraft as soon as possible.

Please explore the rest of this website to learn more about Tahseen’s air charter services.Please explore the rest of this website to learn more about Tahseen’s air charter services.

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