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The Legacy 600 is one of the most famous aircraft Tahseen has facilitated for its long list of satisfied customers. The Legacy 600 aircraft are manufactured by reputable aircraft manufacturers known for their excellence and innovation in aviation. It is constantly improved to meet modern travelers’ changing needs and accommodate various business, diplomatic, and governmental missions. Tahseen Aviation’s Legacy 600 unit is fully equipped with the necessary documents and certifications to navigate worldwide, particularly in the airspaces of Middle Eastern and African states. Tahseen’s Legacy 600 is always available for charter requests. Make a reservation with us today!

Legacy 600 Technical Specs

In a VIP setting, the Legacy 600 has a maximum seating capacity of 13-14 people.

Tahseen’s Embraer Legacy 600’s six-hour (3,000 nm) flight range comfortably accommodates mid-range passengers while ensuring long-distance travel is possible.

With an 843 km/h air speed, airlines and operators can be confident that the Legacy 600 can transport at least two flight destinations in a single day. While the number of passengers is limited, the Legacy 600 aircraft is guaranteed to operate in peak condition and performance in any given location or setting.

With a payload of 5,193 lbs, the Legacy 600 is favored for its flexibility and dependability in cargo charters. Because the aircraft is derived from a tough airliner heritage, it is expected to serve as a dependable air charter. It provides up to 99% dispatch reliability, and the unit’s excellent features and impressive economy.

The Magnificent Legacy 600

The Legacy 600 is a super-midsize aircraft known for its exceptional luxury and flexibility. It allows up to 14 passengers to relax in a three-zone cabin, which is the largest class at 1,656 cubic feet.

Every detail and feature of the aircraft is intended to provide passengers with a comfortable onboard experience.

It also has the largest aft lavatory and in-flight accessible baggage compartment in the segment, measuring 240 cu ft.

The cabin features fully berthing seats and a large galley. It also has a variety of interior configurations and allows for very low cabin noise. For master control of the cabin systems, a touchscreen monitor has been installed. Other amenities include espresso machines, a microwave oven, and three power outlets. The aircraft cabin also has a fridge and a wine cooler.

The cabin also includes advanced entertainment features such as a 17-inch widescreen LCD bulkhead-mounted monitor with DVD player, high-speed data via a 128kbps wireless Inmarsat Swift64 network, and a Rockwell Collins Airshow 410.

Legacy 600 delivers dependable operational performance. Its large payload capacity, steep approach capability, high altitude landing and takeoff capabilities, and 3,429 nautical mile range all contribute to its reliability.

These features and capabilities demonstrate Legacy 600’s ability to meet virtually any challenge while providing safe, comfortable, and efficient flights.

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