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The Beechcraft King Air 350 is one of the world’s most well-known commercial turboprops. Following five decades of innovation, its past and reputation for building businesses continue. As the name suggests, the King Air 350 aircraft is the master of the sky, with legendary performance that includes a higher payload, more extended range, and a more relaxed interior replete with Wi-Fi capabilities. Tahseen Air Charter Services maintains the jet, ideal for business, small groups, pilgrimages, or emergency flights. Furthermore, the King Air 350 can be used for freight transport because of its ample storage.

King Air 350 Technical Specs

The Beechcraft King Air 350 is one of the most famous business turboprops in the world. Its history and reputation for building companies continue following five decades of innovation. As its name implies, the King Air 350 aircraft is the ruler of the sky. Its legendary performance comes with a higher payload, extended range, and a more relaxed interior with Wi-Fi capabilities. Highly maintained by Tahseen Air Charter Services, the jet is an excellent aircraft for a corporate, small group, pilgrimage, or emergency flights. Moreover, thanks to its generous storage, King Air 350 may also be used for cargo movement.
The King Air 350 has 11 seats available for both crew and passengers. This feature makes it ideal for a small intimate group looking for a secure, comfortable, and exclusive travel experience with no limitations.
The King Air 350 is a unique heavy lifter. It is outfitted with high-performance propellers powered by a twin turbine to satisfy specific flight standards. The aircraft can carry passengers quickly and safely with a maximum range of 1550 nautical miles.
With an air speed of 593 km/h, the King Air 350 guarantees travelers a comfortable flight and on-time arrival. The aircraft guarantees fast flight while maintaining in-flight comfort and safety. Soundproof technology and relaxing cabin comforts are also included.

The King Air 350 has a cargo capacity of 2,500 lbs. The aircraft can carry out its mission despite its size and basic appearance. Its enhanced features can never go awry.

King Air 350 Rules the Skies

The King Air 350, dubbed the world’s most renowned business turboprop aircraft, is well-known for its high performance. The features include a higher payload, a longer range, and a relaxing and spacious ‘squared-oval’ pressurized cabin with more shoulder space than a typical light jet. It also has a temperature control device that is automated.

The cabin is nearly five feet tall and four and a half feet wide. The cabin has eight slide/swivel and reclining seats in two club-four configurations with worktables that can be deployed from the sides.

The turboprop plane also has two extra windows on each side of the forward body and additional winglets.

Wi-Fi, an Iridium satellite phone, and a superb Rockwell Collins Venue in-flight entertainment system are standard on the King Air 350.

The Ultra Electronics UltraQuiet active noise control system on the aircraft reduces in-flight noise to less than 80dB(A) inside the passenger cabin. It reduces propeller noise by producing sound waves with the same frequency and amplitude as the unwanted noise but in the inverse phase.

The King Air 350 has a total luggage capacity of 1,150 pounds and 71 cubic feet.

The aircraft can reliably fly from runways shorter than 4,000 feet in full load at typical field elevations and temperatures. It also has a range of 1,806 nautical miles, can cruise at 312 mph in the mid-20s, and can ascend to 35,000 feet.
For flights up to 600 miles, the King Air 350 will get you there in minutes and at a reduced cost.

The wing of the King Air 350 has unlimited life certification. It is built to commuter-category standards, providing extra safety and redundancy on critical systems such as the electrical.

If one of the two motors fails, the propeller “feathers” to reduce drag. Simultaneously, the rudder is boosted to compensate for the asymmetric thrust.

The aircraft’s powerful landing gear allows it to take off with all eight passenger seats loaded in its usual cabin configuration and full fuel and land at maximum takeoff weight under most conditions.

These are why, since its introduction, the King Air 350 has not been engaged in a reported accident in the United States.

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