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Chartering flights to Oman from UAE is convenient. UAE accepts travelers, whether locals or foreigners without any quarantine period as long as you have prepared the most important requirements such as a proof of an urgent business travel need, and travel need and a valid negative PCR test to fly. Nevertheless, this will still depend on your flight itinerary. There are wide variations of travel restrictions all over the world. Although Tahseen has the expertise in pulling out a successful chartered flight anywhere around the world, we still highly-recommend an earlier booking for ideal results when chartering flights to Oman from UAE.

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Experience Optimized Business Jets When You Charter Flights to Oman

We understand the situation of COVID19 around the globe, especially in Oman, but, if you charter a flight through Tahseen Business Jets to Oman, the risk of COVID-19 transmission can surely be lessened from an average of 1,000 touchpoints to 8 touchpoints. We can also cover flight support services like concierge, transportation, hotel accommodation, catering, sanitation, and other related air charter services just to make sure that chartering a flight to Oman would be a pleasant and safe experience for our clients. You can also expect that when you charter a flight to Oman with Tahseen, we can get you there the fastest way possible.

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COVID Controlled Charters

Experience Optimized Business Jets

While we value mostly our client’s safety due to the prevailing risks when you charter a flight to Oman, we still make it sure that our clients get the luxury and privilege of having full discretion from aircraft selection to in-flight services, even until post flight services. With our experience, we often encounter clients that perceive business jets as a luxurious experience, but we just want to make sure that when you charter a flight to Oman, you will be rewarded with convenience, flexibility, and security. Expect that you will experience these features when you charter a flight to Oman:

Experience A Simpler Booking Process

Tahseen’s booking process is easy as 1-2-3. Simply send us a charter request, choose your aircraft and route, then confirm the specifics of your travel and your charter is booked.


Tahseen is open 24/7 to receive air charter requests. You’ll be asked necessary fight information and other medical documents followed by a confirmation

Aircraft Selection

Once you receive a confirmation of your request, you will be assigned an aircraft, and you will choose the route that you will take, and the right price for you.


Notify Tahseen of your flight preferences through a call or email, then we’re good to proceed. For more queries, check out the FAQs below.

Choose Your Aircraft When You Charter a Flight to Oman

Tahseen Aviation receives daily charter requests to Oman, and/or to the rest of the world so that they can keep their businesses rolling despite the pandemic. Most of those clients requested to fly through business jets in a very critical hour and we polished their chartered flights to Oman successfully. But, of course, we highly-encourage to charter a flight from UAE to Oman in a reasonable amount of time to achieve possible best results, especially that requirements when you charter a flight from UAE to Oman vary. Nevertheless, we are always available and ready to receive your charter requests to Oman.

  • Ultra Long Range
  • Long Range
  • Executive Liner
  • Mid Size
  • Turboprop
  • Very Light
  • Super Mid-Size

Capable of flying distances up to 6,500 miles, these jets are designed to offer the highest levels of comfort and extravagance for long-haul travels. With dedicated dining, work, entertainment and relaxation areas. Learn More. 

First-class seats, more spacious legroom, significantly larger cabin sizes. In-flight productivity is guaranteed with convenient Wi-Fi and phone capabilities and up to nine hours non-stop and a range of 4,000 miles.

is class takes elite travel on a whole new level. As these private jets can navigate higher altitudes, they can operate in most weather conditions and cover great distances, up to 10 hours without stopover.

With an average range of around five hours of non-stop travel they can easily manage short-haul and long-haul flights, ensuring transcontinental capacity.

With an average range of around five hours of non-stop travel they can easily manage short-haul and long-haul flights, ensuring transcontinental capacity.

Can also access small airports, giving you more flexibility and freedom to use less busier airports instead of crowded commercial airports. Learn More.

Feature spacious standing and walking room. provide a higher level of comfort for travelers. can fly up to seven hours while delivering greater speed. Feature spacious standing and walking room. provide a higher level of comfort for travelers. can fly up to seven hours while delivering greater speed.

More Inclusions When You Charter a Flight to Oman

Since we have been chartering flights to Oman, we have quite specialized in providing bespoke solutions coupled to our air charter services. Our clients also inquire service inclusions like flight permits, fuel services, ground handling and supervision, concierge, accommodations, transportation, catering, etc. when chartering a flight to Oman. Thus, we have a strong network of credible partners that allow us to provide complete and reliable air charter services, especially when chartering a flight to Oman. We guarantee that no matter what the situation, no matter how varying the global flight restrictions are, whichever city will be included in the itinerary, we can always assure for a successful chartered flight to Oman.


Through Tahseen Flight Support Services, you will be able to access a network of bespoke VIP services 24/7. Professional Services such as Meet and Assist, Hotel Bookings, Visa Assistance, Travel Insurance, Air Ticketing, Transportation Tours and Bookings can be committed by a team of dedicated concierge professionals.

Flight Permits

Tahseen’s expert operation team can obtain the required permits – flight, landing, overflying, block permits, coalition permits or any other special diplomatic clearances that may be needed.

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What Our Clients Say

TAHSEEN AVIATION is a long-standing supplier and a loyal client, where we assist them with their charter flights and offer them services in our locations. We have worked together since 2013, and they have always provided clear and professional services to all our clients/operators who come from all over the globe. Which makes them one of our preferred suppliers.

Robert G., Oil Company

We have had a long and lasting harmonious working relationship with TAHSEEN AVIATION since 2010. Since it’s inception, they have provided us with tremendous excellent services to our businesses in terms of cooperation, chartering and ground handling. They are deeply solid and reliable besides being experts in their field and offer the most competitive rates in the market.

Roman T., Aircraft Operator