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The Falcon 900DX is a tri-jet evolution of the Falcon 50, which is no longer in production. It was introduced in 2005 and used the same wings as its predecessors. It has a much broader and longer fuselage, resulting in a cabin size comparable to the Falcon 7X, Dassault’s flagship model. This aircraft has many variations:

  • The 900, 900B, and 900C are older versions.
  • The 900EX is an older long-range version.
  • The 900LX is the most recent long-range version.

Despite being classified as Super Large rather than Long Range, the DX can fly nonstop from Paris to Chicago and maintain an impressive cruise speed of 878 km.

Falcon 900DX Technical Specs

In VIP mode, the Falcon 900DX has a maximum seating capacity of 13, which includes 12 suitcases and eight carry-ons. The cabin of the Falcon 900DX is meters long.
The Falcon 900DX is one of the best options when flying around the region. The Falcon 900DX is one of the best business aircraft because it can take off and land over short distances and on various terrains.
In today’s market, the Falcon 900DX can undoubtedly compete. With the Falcon 900DX’s speed, airlines and operators can transport at least two flight destinations daily. Falcon900DX can also assist you in being productive by ensuring that you arrive home by the end of the day.
This Falcon 900DX midsize business jet has the most extended cabin in its class and a 51.000-foot operating altitude. The Falcon 900DX can carry up to 19 passengers on flights while using 40% less fuel than the Falcon 900EX.

Exceptionally capable, the Falcon 900DX is designed to provide you with both luxury and versatility.

The Falcon 900DX is a large cabin tri-jet with exceptional capabilities and features such as safety, technology, performance, fuel efficiency, and unrivaled value.

Dassault Aviation’s aircraft features a new, intuitive, accessible flight deck and a spacious cabin.

It provides superior airport performance, excellent climb rates, high cruise speeds, and a 4,100 NM range that enables nonstop flights worldwide while burning 40% less fuel than its nearest competitor. This aircraft is one of the most popular VIP Private Jet charters worldwide.

Customers can use smaller airports previously inaccessible to large-cabin aircraft due to the Falcon 900DX’s excellent thrust-to-weight ratio.


Its excellent high-altitude performance means less stress when flying into mountain airports like St. Moritz and Aspen.


The 900DX’s spacious 7’8″ wide cabin provides plenty of space for passengers to work or relax comfortably.

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