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Yemen Flight Support Yemen Overflight Permit

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Yemen Flight Support Yemen Overflight Permit

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Yemen Flight Support Yemen Overflight Permit

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Yemen Flight Support Yemen Overflight Permit

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Yemen Overflight Permits

Yemen Overflight permits are one of the authorizations issued by Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) to overfly Yemen’s airspace. Though Yemen being a small dot on the map, it still holds one of the most utilized airspace, especially if you will be visiting somewhere in the middle east or going anywhere in Africa or also routing anywhere around Europe. But, just like any other countries, Yemen has its strict and variating rules due to political divide. Other than that, overflight permits from neighbouring countries should also be seriously taken into consideration.

Yemen Overflight Permit is normally issued by Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA). However, with Tahseen Aviation, you can count on us for expediting the process of obtaining the Yemen Overflight Permit. In fact, our office is quite near to where CAMA is situated. Our strong presence and our over 40 years of experience in the aviation industry were able to give us continuous opportunity to assist different world-class clients in obtaining Yemen overflight permits.

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For Immediate Processing of Yemen Overflight Permit, fill-up this form.

Yemen Flight Support Yemen Overflight Permit

FAQs about Yemen Overflight Permit

In most cases, to grant an overflight permit it is sufficient to provide the following:

Details of the aircraft operator

The flight number

The schedule and purpose of the flight

Aircraft type & registration.

However, some CAA’s of other countries also request air operator certificate (AOC), airworthiness certificate, noise certificate, aircraft registration certificate, and insurance certificate.

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The lead times for applying to overflight permits vary from one country to another. Generally, lead times range between 24 hours, like India, and 72 hours, like Turkmenistan. It is noteworthy that the earlier you apply for the permit the better. Some countries charge more for overflight fees if you apply 24 hours before the flight date, and less if you submit your application 72 hours ahead.
Yemen Overflight Permit is normally valid for 72 hours.

has set a global form for permits, especially for Yemen overflight permit fee. Moreover, computing for Yemen Overflight permit would actually vary based on the flight range or itinerary. However, the formula could look like this:

Overflight fees = Unit rate x distance – km/100 x SQRT (MTOW/50)

Just like what was mentioned earlier, obtaining Yemen overflight permit would also mean inevitably flying on neighboring countries’ airspace. So, the longer you flight itinerary is, the higher your Yemen overflight permit might actually cost you.

With the assistance of an experienced flight planning company, like Tahseen, you can choose the flight route that minimizes your overflight fees the most and receive an accurate calculation of what you’ll be paying.

Nevertheless, here are the varying fees for Yemen’s neighboring countries. Please be reminded that every country has its own specific method of calculating overflight fees.

• Afghanistan

Afghanistan assesses a flat overflight fee of 400 United States dollars (USD). International aircraft landing or departing from an Afghani airport are assessed flat fees of 150 USD per flight.

• Bahrain

Bahrain does not require an overflight permit for any aircraft registered in an ICAO member state, but air navigation charges are assessed based on the aircraft weight in kg. A 50 percent surcharge is applied for overflights.

• Iraq

Iraq assesses a flat 375 USD charge for any aircraft flying through the Baghdad Flight Information Region (FIR) without landing. No other air navigation charges are assessed.

• Israel

A flat rate in USD based on the aircraft weight is applied, with different rates for en-route (landing or taking off in Israel) and overflying aircraft.

• Jordan

Overflight charges are based on a specific rate per metric ton, with different rates at the 25, 75, and 100 metric ton marks.

• Lebanon

Lebanon assesses overflight charges of 75,000 Lebanese Pounds (LBP) for aircraft up to 70,000 kg and 150,000 LBP for aircraft over 70,000 kg.

• Oman

Oman assesses a flat fee in USD based on the aircraft weight in kg whether the aircraft is overflying, landing in, or departing from the country.

• Pakistan

Air navigation charges are based on the aircraft weight and km flown as shown on the flight plan. Rates per km are the same whether you are overflying or landing in Pakistan, although landing aircraft are able to reduce the chargeable distance by 20 km.

• Qatar

Qatar requires an overflight permit but does not assess overflight fees.

• Saudi Arabia

All aircraft flying within the country’s airspace are assessed air navigation charges whether taking off, landing, or overflying the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Charges are calculated from a weight factor and distance between entry and exit points in km.

• United Arab Emirates

The UAE assesses air navigation charges for any portion of a flight that occurs within the Emirates FIR. Flights that take off or land within the Emirates are assessed a sector charge ranging from 60 to 105 USD depending on the weight of the aircraft in kg. Overflight charges range from 130 to 235 USD based on the aircraft weight. If you fly domestically within the Emirates FIR, a flat rate of 10 USD is assessed per round trip regardless of aircraft size. One exception is flights to oil rigs or islands, which do not incur a sector charge.

• Yemen

Air navigation charges vary based on scheduled or non-scheduled flights. These are different from the overflight charges, which are calculated based on the flight route and aircraft weight in metric tons. Minimum overflight charge is 108 USD and maximum charge is 999 USD.

For other regions, fill-up the form and our account manager will get back to you the soonest.

To push-through with your Yemen overflight permit request, we facilitate easy and highly secured payment methods through our office in UAE for our services in Yemen. We assure fast processing either for regular or scheduled charter flights, we guarantee Yemen Overflight permits within 12 hours upon request. If there would be concerns that will arise regarding your Yemen overflight permit request, our agents are reachable 24/7 both in United Arab Emirate & Yemen, and in all active airports in Yemen.

Yemen FIRs (Entry/Exit Points)

West Bound Entry PointWest Bound Exit PointEast Bound Entry PointEast Bound Exit Point

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Yemen Flight Support Yemen Overflight Permit

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Yemen Flight Support Yemen Overflight Permit

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Yemen Flight Support Yemen Overflight Permit

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Yemen Flight Support Yemen Overflight Permit

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Tahseen has the edge in availing necessary flight permits. Given the fact that we work hard to eliminate all the possible difficulties in obtaining different kinds of permits, we also see to it that we set standards in choosing partners who not only have the legacy; but also having a comprehensive knowledge on how to maintain and nurture distinct professional relationships with the regional authorities, especially in Yemen, KSA, and UAE, which makes this task easier to be accomplished in the shortest possible time without any hassle. Subsequently, NGOs and Oil & Gas companies in Yemen prefer to partner with us, and our airline clientele continously grows.

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