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The year 2020 ended with a rising demand of air cargo freight, and the demand continues to grow because of a very sensitive mission – COVID19 vaccine transport. Aside from air transport, this cargo handling also involves ground support which includes facility, security, documents and customer service. Another challenge in handling cargo in Yemen is the turmoil and political situation. Occasional bombings are becoming a norm. However, the need to carry-out cargo freights should be continuously handled and supervised. Tahseen has the edge in operating in such conditions, and we are in fact preferred by world leading companies.

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Tahseen Flight Support Solutions for Cargo Handling and Supervision

Due to the complexity in handling different types of cargo, goods usually need to be loaded and unloaded without any compromise, especially in the new normal. To ensure successful flight support for different cargo, Tahseen can facilitate and prepare the following without any hassle:

  • Trip planning, coordination, and cost estimation

  • Clearances, permits and handling services

  • On-the-ground support, including facilities, security, and personnel

  • Global coverage including remote locations

  • Flight monitoring and tracking

  • Customer Service Team on standby

How can Tahseen help?

Tahseen Aviation is ready to support worldwide trips no matter how sensitive and time critical the mission is with the end goal of satisfied customers.

Why Tahseen Flight Support Services?

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Preferred & Trusted by World Leading Companies

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Expert in Handling High-Risk and Warzone Area

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