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The real rewards of chartering a private jet are CONVENIENCE, FLEXIBILITY, and SAFETY. With Tahseen VIP private jet charter, we give our clients the privilege of having full control, from aircraft selection to itinerary, in-flight services, even until post flight services. Tahseen’s Team ensures that your flight runs smoothly and efficiently. Browse through the slideshow below and be enticed and indulged as you see the difference between just merely flying and living in an aircraft.

Charter The Best Private Jet for Your Trip at the Best Private Jet Price

Tahseen Aviation offers a wide variety of private jets that can address the following matters: Exclusiveness, Security and Convenience. We have a wide range of directly accessible private jet and access to an even wider range of carefully selected private planes operated by our partners, in case your favorite aircraft is not available for your selected trip. We will always pick the right aircraft at the best private jet price for your next itinerary.

Simple Charter Process

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Private Jet Charter Is By Far The Safest & Fastest Way For Air Travel

With Tahseen Private Jets, not are you saving only on time and gaining flexibility, you are also minimizing the risk of COVID-19 transmission greatly as your touchpoints will be reduced from an average of 1,000 touchpoints to an average of 9 touchpoints compared to a (first class) commercial flight.

Commercial Flight TouchpointsPrivate Air Charter Touchpoints

Why Fly with Tahseen VIP Private Jets?

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Customer Loyalty; Trust & Integrity

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Over 40 years of Expertise

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Clean Records & Safe Operations

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Global Network

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Dedicated Account Manager

Achieve Your Most Awaited Travel Plans with a Peace of Mind

Popular Destinations For Private Jets Charter

Most of Tahseen VIP clients are headed to these destinations for business or for leisure, and our clients charter private jets in short notice, whether they are with their family or with their delegation. Even so, Tahseen can process our client’s travel documents in no time and push through with the flight smoothly for we have superior networks that allow us to give the kind of service that exceeds expectations. Feel free to browse for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure my Privacy?2021-07-17T20:13:57+04:00

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. All information regarding passenger and charter flight itineraries are confidential in order to safeguard your privacy. Details are only shared on a strict need-to-know basis.

What are Airport Slots?2021-07-17T20:13:54+04:00

Airport Slots are essentially a prior permission from the airport and Air Traffic Control to take of and/or land at a specific airport during a major event when the area and parking spaces are expected to be congested. When chartering a flight with Tahseen Aviation, our operations department will acquire all the necessary airport landing and take off slots for our clients.

What is the benefit of having a dedicated Charter Advisor?2021-07-17T20:13:52+04:00

From takeoff to landing you will have a dedicated Account Manager to assist with every detail and all your concerns will be answered in a timely fashion.

How does the charter process work?2021-07-17T20:13:44+04:00

After your initial inquiry you will be assigned a personal charter expert who will send you a selection of quotes for you to choose from. Each quote will have a clear breakdown of aircrafts and airports and reasons they have been selected for you. Should you wish to go ahead they will then book the aircraft and send you all the flight details including directions to the terminal and any other important information. They will be your first point of call for any further inquiries you may have up to the flight and, if possible, they will meet you at the terminal. From your initial quote you will be able to contact your account manager 24/7 so you can call from wherever, whenever you like.

How do I decide which aircraft to charter?2021-07-17T20:13:38+04:00

Your dedicated account manager will advise you and provide you with a suitable range of aircraft based on your requirements, assisting you with your final decision. View our aircraft guidefor further information.