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Most of the time, private jets are perceived to be a luxurious experience. In fact most of the private planes offered in the region are either expensive executive airliners or huge commercial aircraft. Tahseen caters to a lot of international companies and local businessmen, whose main reasons for chartering a private business jet are CONVENIENCE, FLEXIBILITY, and SAFETY. With Tahseen Aviation’s business private jet charter, we give our clients the full benefits of an aircraft selection with business-first mindset. Our business private jet services are tailored fully to attract the modern business travel, who wants to gain back more of his time and freedom with each flight.

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Tahseen Aviation receives a wide range of requests for business jet charter. Ranging from the local businesswoman to the international corporation, all of whom united in their requirement of flexibility, speed and convenience when renting a private plane. Most of those clients requested to fly within a few days and needed our expertise in finding the right business jet and navigating varying travel restrictions and requirements. Tahseen Aviation is able to offer a wide range of private business jets to meet all different requests for booking a private business jet.

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With Tahseen Business Private Jets, the risk of COVID-19 transmission can surely be lessened from an average of 1,000 touchpoints to 8 touchpoints.

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Popular Destinations For Business Jets Charter

Most of Tahseen Aviation’s clients from the business sector are headed to these business hubs and they charter private jets in short notice. Even so, Tahseen Aviation can process our client’s travel documents in no time and push through with the flight smoothly for we have superior networks that allow us to give the kind of service that exceeds expectations. Feel free to browse for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of flying Commercial First-Class vs Private Jet Charter2021-07-17T20:12:32+04:00

On a commercial scheduled aircraft, you rent a seat. If you want to bring somebody with you, you rent two seats and pay double the cost. If you want to bring seven other people on a trip from let us say Dubai to Muscat, which takes about an hour, you pay up to $10,000 to fly first class on a commercial jet with eight people. With private jet charters, on the other hand, you rent the entire aircraft for the same cost. The further you fly with a group of people, the more cost-effective it is to charter a jet. Especially, if you need to visit multiple cities for urgent and important meetings in a brief time. You will be able to attend maybe 2-3 meetings all on the same day and be back at home for dinner. Hence, reducing your travel time and travel expenses. How much is your time worth if you had to charge by the hour?

What is the difference between a one-way flight and an empty leg?2021-07-17T20:10:53+04:00

A one-way flight is simply a flight traveling from one airport to another, without a return leg scheduled to create a round trip. When this happens, the private aircraft used for these one-way flights need to return to their operator’s base airport, creating what is called an “empty leg” flight. These flights are scheduled to return to their home airports without any passengers on board and can be sold at heavily reduced prices to offset the cost for the operator, which also presents our clients with opportunities for huge savings. Learn more about the differences between one-way and empty leg flights, and how private flyers can benefit from both.

It is particularly important to note that Empty Leg pricing is NOT standard pricing. You are saving a lot of money by booking an empty leg over a “live” leg. However, it may come at a cost to your convenience. For example, if the passenger/owner who booked the “live” leg of the trip decides to cancel their flight, the empty leg that you booked will suddenly become unavailable and your booked trip will be cancelled. Additionally, if the passenger/owner of the live leg decides to change their departure time, it can start a domino effect and you will be required to change your departure time to accommodate their change. It is risky, but if you are willing to take the risk – there are savings up to 75% off the normal flight cost.

What terminal and gates are used at the airports?2021-07-17T20:09:16+04:00

As a private traveler, you will be using a private VIP terminal, also called a Fixed-based operator (FBO) as your passenger gate/terminal.

Can you arrange my transportation to and from the airport?2021-07-17T20:12:20+04:00

Chauffeur driven cars, limousines, SUV’s, luxury minibuses and even armored vehicles can be arranged to bring you back and forth to your private flight at the airport.

Can I fly with my family pet or Falcon?2021-07-17T20:09:34+04:00

We can help you with your pet air travel on a private pet jet charter! Not all aircraft accept pets inside, so please let us know up front about your pet and we will find a pet friendly private air carrier to help transport your pet for your next vacation or move. We do understand how important your pet(s) are, they are family. It is important that when arranging a private charter flight for your pets, the arrangements are put together correctly. There may be requirements for sedation and caging depending on breed type and size, along with distance and length of your trip. Provided all the pet documentation is correct and up-to-date, we should be able to make the arrangements for clients who wish to travel with their domestic pets, ensuring the animal’s welfare and comfort at all times. However, please remember that not all private jets allow pets aboard. Make sure to notify your Account Manager ahead of booking your jet that you have a need or desire to travel with your pets in the plane. It’s also important to note that any damage caused by pets (cleaning fees, repairs, etc) during a flight is billed separately.