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Tahseen is one of the most preferred flight support services provider around the globe, especially in all airports in Yemen. Our expertise revolves in ground supervision and support, cargo handling, fuel services, flight permits and concierge services. We are known in delivering professional services for air charter and aviation consultancy. For over 40 years of experience in providing global standard aviation services, even those that are time-sensitive and critical missions, our world-class clients have continuously commended and recognized us as a major-leader in aviation industry. One of our missions is to empower our clients with correct information to achieve seamless flight operations.

Location in YemenYemen AirportsICAOIATACoordinatesAvailabilityType of Fuel JetTime ZoneMore Info
Sana’aSana’a International Airport (El Rahaba Airport)OYSNSAH15°28′35″N 044°13′11″E24/7Yemen (GMT +3) Arabian Standard Time>>
MukallahRiyan International Airport (Riyan Mukalla Airport)OYRNRIY14°39′45″N 049°22′30″E24/7Yemen (GMT +3) Arabian Standard Time>>
AdenAden International AirportOYAAADE12°49′46″N 045°01′44″E24/7Yemen (GMT +3) Arabian Standard Time>>
SocotraSocotra AirportOYSQSCT12°37′50″N 053°54′20″E24/7Yemen (GMT +3) Arabian Standard Time>>
SeiyunSeiyun International Airport (Seiyun Hadramaut Airport)OYSYGXF15°57′58″N 048°47′17″E24/7Yemen (GMT +3) Arabian Standard Time>>

To know which airport in Yemen you should fly to for arrival and departure for your next flight, talk to our aviation consultant.

Yemen Airport

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tahseen provides full ground handling and airport services arrangements, including obtaining overflight and landing permit, traffic rights permission, supervision, station and revenue management, fueling and catering provision security services, and ticketing services. In addition to this we also offer VIP concierge services, crew administration, filling flight plan, flight operations, and dispatch.
Tahseen offers full ground handling services at all airports in Yemen.
We need the full flight details including the following information to provide complete ground handling services in Yemen.
• Date of operation
• Operator’s name
• Purpose of flight
• Call sign
• Full route
• Time of arrival and departure
• GenDec (information about passenger and crew on board)
• A/C type
• Registration
• Services required.

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We will assist you get the required ramp services for efficient turnaround of your aircraft, to avoid any delays. To ensure that your client’s flight is on schedule we offer a range of airport handling services, including aircraft loading and unloading, technical support services, and more.

Yemen Airport Support Expertise

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Ground Supervision and Support

We arrange and coordinate the best solutions under one roof – from receipt to dispatch of the Aircraft.

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Cargo Handling

With Tahseen Aviation’s business private jets, expect unparalleled end-to-end air charter solutions with optimized business air charter solutions.

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Fuel Services

We ensure a competitive, reliable, timely and efficient fuel supply in Yemen airports.

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Concierge Services

We provide finer details by assisting you in transport booking, acquiring of visa entries, and booking for hotel accommodation.

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Flight Permits

With over two decades of experiences, Tahseen has also established a global network of contacts at the airport authorities and their approved agencies to handle any permit arrangements, smoothly and in time across the globe.