Flight Permits

When it comes to securing flight permits, Tahseen has the edge to in availing necessary flight permits. Given the fact that we work hard to eliminate all the possible difficulties in obtaining different kinds of permits, we also see to it that we set standards in choosing partners who not only have the legacy; but also having a comprehensive knowledge on how to maintain and nurture distinct professional relationships with number of authorities around the world, which makes this task easier to be accomplished in the shortest possible time without any hassle. Contact us for a no-commitment consultation.

  • Schedule and Block Permits
  • Temporary Landing Permits (TLP)
  • Landing Permits
  • Diplomatic Permits
  • Take – off
  • EU Third-Country Operator (TCO) Authorisation
  • Overflight Permits
  • Airfield PPR
  • Arab Coalition Approval
  • USA TSA Waiver

How can Tahseen help?

Tahseen Aviation is ready to support worldwide trips no matter how sensitive and time critical the mission is with the end goal of satisfied customers.

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