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Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul | MRO Consulting

Tahseen Aviation offers Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul services to provide for the varying and growing needs of airlines, aircraft operators and related clients in managing and maintaining the condition of their aircrafts. We serve a broad range of clients including MRO providers, airlines, OEMs, and independent suppliers. All of them can benefit from our consultancy service that is backed by our 40+ years of experience in the industry and our massive global network of partners and affiliates.

As one of the leaders in the field, it is one of our duties to extend our service to our folks in the industry. Through our consulting services, we become more than just service providers. We are also able to educate and empower them to create new solutions. MRO is one challenging area to manage, but with the guidance from specialists such as our team, it is easier to identify rooms for improvement, and by extension, rooms for growth in the company.

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MRO Solutions

Tahseen’s MRO specialist team has extensive experience in providing expert advice that is based data-driven analytics leveraging highly curated, proprietary databases, models, and industry forecasts.

Our company uses a client-centric engagement model that comes with a proactive and collaborative approach where senior officials have personal involvement in each of our project and commitment to providing solutions to even the most complicated challenges. By leveraging proven project execution strategies, we are able to constantly improve our competencies in hands-on project management, solution development, execution and implementation.

Aircraft Maintenance Repair & Overhaul

Tahseen Aviation Consultancy specializes on MRO solutions that center on the following areas:

  • Evaluation study for aircraft and engines considered for lease or purchase, including customization and definition of systems, equipment, passenger cabin and selection of BFE;

  • Recommend the best outsourcing option for maintenance services for airline/operator and negotiate the relevant agreements related to: Line, Light, and Heavy Maintenance; total support for LRUs, Engine, Nacelle, APU, Landing Gear, and Home Base stock;

  • Aircraft deliveries, re-deliveries and acceptance for airlines, operators, and lessors to ensure the aircraft and installed components are in compliance with the terms and conditions of the purchase, sale, or lease agreement, and resolving the non-conformities issues before delivery to the next operator;

  • Technical representation of airline/operator at the manufacturer site during the assembly phases of an aircraft or engine, and during the First Article Inspections (FAI) of major BFE;

  • Technical representation during aircraft maintenance checks and workshop visits of engine, propeller, landing gear, and other components;

  • Prepare engine work scope and recommend build up that required to restore the engine’s performance to a standard that minimizes long-term engine direct maintenance cost

  • Aircraft appraisals

These services come with aftermarket support solutions ranging from strategy and development of business plan to IT advisory, and relevant services such as the following:

  • Market research and market analysis

  • Operational and financial benchmarking and performance improvement realization
  • Commercial due diligence and M&A support
  • Strategic sourcing and supply chain management

  • Lean training and continuous process improvement

Why Choose Tahseen Aviation’s MRO Services?

When you choose Tahseen, you benefit from over 40 years of reputation in the aviation industry and a vast international network of affiliates and partners. You also get to be part of our long list of clients that include world-renowned companies and some of the key players in the aviation industry in the region and beyond.

How can Tahseen help?

Whether you need a hand for your MRO operations, advice on developing competitive services, or simply a reliable partner for your current and future MRO needs, Tahseen is the place to go.

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