Pharmaceutical Logistics

The industry of medicine or pharmacy is one of the immortalized sectors of the supply chain. With this industry dealing with lives, the demand for pharmaceutical logistics will continue to call for industries that can help them carry-out their time-sensitive missions, especially nowadays in the new normal where everyone has to be active in containing the COVID19. Aviation industry, including airlines and other related air logistic bodies are no doubt, one of the quick fixes to bridge the distribution gaps in pharmaceutical logistics. Now is the time for aviation bodies to step up by not just simply delivering, but also ensuring smooth logistics. To be able to qualify for this kind of competition, a state-of-the-art equipment is needed to manage this kind of cargo.

Pharmaceutical Products that can be Transported

Personal Protective Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment
Medicinal Products
Medicinal Products
Test Samples
Test Samples

Tahseen Air Cargo Charter Solutions for Pharmaceutical Logistics

Due to the fragility of the drug components, goods usually need to be loaded and unloaded without a break in the cold chain. To ensure a successful movement of pharmaceutical products, Tahseen can facilitate and prepare the following:

Trip planning, coordination, and cost estimation
Clearances, permits and handling services
On-the-ground support, including facilities, security, and personnel
Global coverage including remote locations
Flight monitoring and tracking
Customer Service Team on standby
Why Choose Tahseen Air Cargo Charter Services?

Why Choose Tahseen Air Cargo Charter Services?

Handled High-Risk & Warzone Areas
One Stop Aviation Solutions for all
Global Network
Dedicated Account Managers
COVID-Controlled Charters
Transparent Pricing

Charter Process

Tahseen’s booking process is easy as 1-2-3. Simply send us a charter request, choose your aircraft and route, then confirm the specifics of your travel and your charter is booked.

Process - Request
Tahseen is always open for air charter requests.
Process - Aircraft Selection
Aircraft Selection

Pick the right aircraft and route.

Process - Book

Confirm details then we’re good to go.

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COVID19 Relief Operations

COVID19 Relief Operations

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COVID19 Relief Operations

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