Humanitarian & Relief Operations

When it comes to Humanitarian & Relief Air Cargo Charter Services, Tahseen is one of the preferred air cargo charter niche company by world-leading companies. World-leading companies would always commend Tahseen because of our expertise in handling high-risk and warzone area.

Our Experience in Humanitarian & Relief Air Cargo Charter Services


Emergency Food & Shelter


Health and Medical Aids





Tahseen Air Cargo Charter Solutions for Humanitarian & Relief Operations

Due to the complex requirements of each type of humanitarian aid, goods usually need to be loaded and unloaded without a break from appropriate facilities. To ensure a successful movement humanitarian and relief aids, Tahseen can facilitate and prepare the following:

Trip planning, coordination, and cost estimation

Clearances, permits and handling services

On-the-ground support, including facilities, security, and personnel

Global coverage including remote locations

Flight monitoring and tracking

Customer Service Team on standby

Humanitarian Tahseen Aviation Cargo

Why Tahseen Humanitarian & Relief Air Cargo Charter Services?

Handled High-Risk & Warzone Areas

One Stop Aviation Solutions for all

Global Network

Real-Time Tracking Technology

Preferred by World-Leading Companies

Transparent Pricing

Charter Process

Tahseen’s booking process is easy as 1-2-3. Simply send us a charter request, choose your aircraft and route, then confirm the specifics of your travel and your charter is booked.

Process - Request
Tahseen is always open for air charter requests.
Process - Aircraft Selection
Aircraft Selection

Pick the right aircraft and route.

Process - Book

Confirm details then we’re good to go.

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