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We at Tahseen Aviation have dabbled in the aircraft spare business for over a decade, ensuring aircraft do not face AOG (Aircraft on Ground) for long.  We promptly source a comprehensive range of aircraft spare parts, supplies & special equipment.  Result – reduced downtime and associated costs, for you – our clients.

We Can Serve Airbus A320, A330, Boing B737-300/400/800 and all Russian aircraft.

Tahseen Aviation has had the opportunity to serve an extensive list of clients in the past 10 years with the best prices. We can source parts to any location worldwide and organize maintenance as well.

When we claim that we are all-rounders in the business, we surely do mean it. With our expert solution cells running round the clock, we ensure to provide you with the best counsel and services in either renting or buying your private luxury jet. However, purchasing a plane comes with its own set of nuances, and Tahseen Aviation Services are sure to keep you out of trouble with them.  Any airplane that you buy requires periodic checks and repairs from the flights that wear it down. Let’s be honest over here; nobody buys a plane to keep it standing in a hangar. You buy it because of how frequent air travel has become for you, and you would instead travel on your terms than being haggled by commercial airlines and airport security. Of course, all of these tedious flights will not just have their toll on you, but also on your bird. Tahseen Aviation Services helps you out in this regard. Not many air charter solutions offer services on this wide of a scale. Our facilities also include spare parts for your plane and their time changing and subsequent rotation. Like mentioned earlier, every flight requires its due amount of repair, and we ensure you don’t have to see the troubling end of it because of our deeply rooted associations and partnerships with aircraft part manufacturers and distributors. This not only enables us to bring you required parts right on time and seamlessly, but also acquire them at prices lower than the market value, providing you with the special treatment that you deserve as an owner of an aircraft.

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We provide dynamic solutions taking into consideration your most valuable asset: Time and comfort. Through our system and access to a global market, we provide all assistive to facilitate and ensure that the commuters have a safe journey.


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