One of the Major Leaders in Aviation Industry

Abdulla Almutareb

Abdulla Almutareb

40 ++ years of experience in Aviation Management

Abdulla Al Hudaid

Abdulla Al-Hudaid

40++ years of experience in Maintenance & Engineering

We have more than 40 years of experience in aviation industry.

Tahseen specializes in providing high-level Airline management support services in nearby regions. We provide sound solutions that can gain back profitable status, especially amidst the pandemic season. We have also handled different operators in situations that are in high-risk and/or in warzone areas and most of our clients have been commending us for the services that we have provided.

more than 40 years experience in aviation industry
global network of affiliations and partnerships

We have a global network of affiliations and partnerships.

Our confidence to deliver such results are backed by our credible affiliations and partnerships, which also gives us the privilege of having a good overview of the market. With a good overview of the market comes better decisions for airline operations.

We boost our clients’ bottom line by optimizing their growth potential.

With our over 40 years of expertise, coupled with our strong global network, we know which optimal solutions can help aviation bodies, especially in the new normal. We offer aviation consultancy services like fleet management, management consulting, sales and marketing consulting, and maintenance and engineering consulting.

boost client by optimizing their growth potential

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