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Why Tahseen’s Emergency Response?


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Emergency Response Services

emergency response evacuation and repatriation

Tahseen Aviation provides emergency charter solutions for government, corporations, NGOs, humanitarian organizations and individuals. We offer fast aircraft rentals to evacuate at-risk civilians from dangerous situations, assist military extractions with immediate relocations to a less hostile location, or to transport victims of natural and man-made disasters in urgent need of being repatriated. Learn more »

Tahseen Aviation offers assistance to NGOs on humanitarian missions with solutions to deliver time-critical equipment and supplies to zones affected by war, epidemics, or natural disasters, vital medical supplies and relief cargo such as food, water, tents, blankets, electric generators, and more, can be delivered by adapted aircraft chartered privately in the shortest delays. Learn more »

emergency response humanitarian and relief operation
emergency response - air ambulance

Through our partnership with European medical specialists, Tahseen Aviation provides a state-of-the-art medical care in a unique environment. If needed, we can source aircrafts with augmented capabilities that include highly specialized and advanced devices. Whether you need to arrange or support for an individual patient or an urgent mass evacuation, we can source a fully equipped aircraft, staffed by a highly trained medical team. Learn more »

What Our Clients Say

We have had a long and lasting harmonious working relationship with TAHSEEN AVIATION since 2010. Since it’s inception, they have provided us with tremendous excellent services to our businesses in terms of cooperation, chartering and ground handling. They are deeply solid and reliable besides being experts in their field and offer the most competitive rates in the market.

Roman T., Aircraft Operator

TAHSEEN AVIATION has been providing us with regular, monthly flights to and from our remote oil field in the region. TAHSEEN also provides us with medical evacuation flights and general evacuation flights, on a call-off basis. We have been very satisfied with TAHSEEN’s performance over the whole duration of this agreement. Throughout the last year, they have been very flexible to accommodate our often fluid aviation requirements in a calm and professional manner, while operating in a challenging environment.

Robert G., Oil Company

TAHSEEN AVIATION is a long-standing supplier and a loyal client, where we assist them with their charter flights and offer them services in our locations. We have worked together since 2013, and they have always provided clear and professional services to all our clients/operators who come from all over the globe. Which makes them one of our preferred suppliers.

Essa Z., Flight Support

We would like to express our appreciation for the professional and timely services of TAHSEEN AVIATION. They have been providing us with Aviation Chartering, Permits and Consulting Solutions since 2015. We have always been able to count on their friendly and professional tea,, even for our requirements of cargo or passenger aircraft in challenged conditions and war risk zones.

Anthoney M., Cargo Airline

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any luggage limitations or recommendations?2020-12-24T15:19:35+04:00

Each aircraft has different baggage compartment sizes and weight limitations. Your baggage will be stored in the Aft of the aircraft or the nose for your safety and convenience. When flying privately it is important to let us know what your expected baggage weight and size will be so we can accommodate you and your guests. It is always a best practice to travel with soft-sided baggage if you are looking to maximize the number of items you will be bringing. If you have concerns about your fragile items or over-sized baggage, just give us a call and we can walk you through all the options.

Do the aircraft have bathrooms?2020-10-29T11:33:40+04:00

Private charter aircraft size can range from 2-seater piston aircraft to 16 passenger heavy jets to 220+ passenger airliners. The smaller the aircraft, the fewer amenities can fit on the plane. Depending on the size aircraft you select, will also influence whether there is a restroom on board. In the aviation industry there are a few names for the bathroom. You may hear the terms “Lavatory.” If your aircraft does have a Lavatory, this restroom may be beautifully designed with a fully enclosed space consisting of a toilet, sink and enough room to change your clothing. Sometimes with smaller aircraft, there can be a semi-enclosed lavatory which would be shielded from the cabin with a retractable curtain. For the smallest aircraft, there may be a potty seat that lifts up for emergency use only or no restroom capability at all.

What terminal and gates are used at the airports?2020-12-29T13:08:43+04:00

As a private traveler, you will be using a private VIP terminal, also called a Fixed-based operator (FBO) as your passenger gate/terminal.

What happens if there is bad weather?2020-12-24T15:23:05+04:00

Mother Nature sometimes throws a curveball our way and complicates our flight route with obstacles such as winds, rough air, turbulence and storms. Pre-departure, our operations department will check for the weather report & advisories that may affect your travel schedule and your Account Manager will keep you updated. The aircraft operator and Pilot in Command have the ultimate decision-making authority regarding takeoff and landing, and they will do their best to avoid any weather but there may be delays on your trip due to unpredictable and unavoidable weather patterns.

What happens after I book my flight?2020-12-24T15:36:09+04:00

Your charter itinerary will be sent by email. This will provide a confirmation of your reservation along with the following information: the date(s) and estimated departure time of travel, flight segments arranged on your behalf, aircraft type, and other requests specified by you when booking your flight.

Will there be a flight attendant on board?2020-10-29T11:35:07+04:00

The cabin will be attended by one or more professionally trained Flight Attendant. While some aircrafts require a cabin attendant on board, others may not. If your flight does not require an attendant, but you prefer to have one, cabin attendants may be available upon request.

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