Why Tahseen Aviation?

Your Trusted Partner in the Aviation Industry

Tahseen Aviation Services continuously provide bespoke and innovative aviation solutions that address the requirements of the Aviation Industry. Our clients recognize us as one of the most trusted partners for Private Air Charter, Aviation Consultancy, and Flight Support.

Credible and Reliable Services

Tahseen Aviation Services has over 40 years of experience providing high-level Airline management support services in the region. We provide sound solutions with a high probability of gaining back profitable status. We have satisfactorily handled varying situations, especially in high-risk and warzone areas, with our clients commending us for the results. Backed by credible affiliations and partnerships, we have a good overview of the market that helps in better decision-making for airline operations.

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Long-term Business Relationships with Clients

Tahseen Aviation Services is available in all major airports in Yemen since 2008. Positive endorsements and recommendations from our clients have assisted in the company’s swift growth and popularity in the region. Our client portfolio includes many of the world’s leading companies and non-governmental organizations who have now established long term relationship with TAS.

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Tahseen Aviation Services

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We treat the safety of our clients and customers of paramount importance. All Tahseen operators are audited by relevant aviation authority over a wide range of operations and maintenance procedures, including crew training and aircraft maintenance as indicated below:

Aircraft documentation checks

to ensure all required certification and approvals are valid

Crew training record checks

to ensure that all crew are current and licensed for commercial operations

Crew flight time limitations record checks

to ensure that crew fatigue avoidance is observed

Flight checks

to ensure that the correct flight operations and cabin procedures are observed

Maintenance and engineering compliance checks

to ensure compliance with approved aircraft maintenance procedures

Manual checks

to ensure the validity of company operations manuals and documentation

Management and financial robustness checks

to ensure the CAA-approved Postholder team is empowered and capable of undertaking safe management of the entire business

Ramp checks

assess turnaround of company aircraft at any given airport and review operator auditing of handlers

Operations checks

to assess the expertise of aircraft operations staff to undertake operational duties

Quality checks

to ensure that the internal auditing process is robust and compliant.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Booking Fees

With Tahseen, there are no upfront costs or hidden charges. Our booking fees are as follows: online charter request bookings, travel management fees for music tours, and similar multi-leg itineraries priced by arrangement.

Charter Pricing

Tahseen works with the leading operators to offer you the best selection and the most competitive prices for your itinerary. Quotes include landing fees, basic catering for Europe, and taxes where required. There are no extra costs for taxiing time or fuel surcharges. Please get in touch with us for information on additional charges such as de-icing.

Payment Options

Tahseen accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers, online or offline. All funds must be received and cleared before take-off. Please view the Terms and Conditions for more information.

Conquer the Limits

Meet the Dynamic Team of Tahseen

Abdulla Almutareb

Abdulla Almutareb

Founder & CEO

Abdulla Al-Hudaid

Abdulla Al-Hudaid

Business Development Director